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USA Edition 2019

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In Europe, ETI publishes Watch Your Time Europe in five languages, jointly with The Daily Telegraph (UK), Le Monde (France), El Mundo (Spain), Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany) and Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy).


In the US, ETI publishes Watch Your Time USA, soon in its fifteenth edition, for the prestigious The New York Times in its eagerly awaited Sunday edition.


In Korea, Watch Your Time Korea will launch in 2021 with news daily JoongAng Chosun Ilbo, founded in 1920, the leading Korean-language newspaper. Founded in 1965, it has attracted the largest readership across gender, age, ideology and geography.

In Japan, Watch Your Time Japan will launch in 2021 with news daily Nikkei. For more than 140 years, Nikkei has been providing unparalleled coverage of Japan's economy, industries and markets, making it ideally positioned to provide Asian news and analysis to a global audience.

Watch Your Time’s mission is to introduce and explain the world of fine watches to its one million readers – a very high figure that reaches well beyond the narrower circle of watch enthusiasts and collectors.


Through fresh content each year, Watch Your Time offers its readers an attractive, varied and informative magazine that keeps them up-to-date with the latest this fascinating industry has to offer.

„Time is an illusion“

Albert Einstein

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